Payments & banqing Made Easy

Whether you run a business, own real estate rental units, have networks of contractors you need to pay, or simply want to better manage your personal finances and save for the future, provides an easy way to pay and get paid, manage unlimited business and personal accounts and automate your ledgers and bookkeeping in one simple app.

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Payments & Banqing made easy

PAYMENTS & BANKING. WITH A “Q” is a quicq, qustomizable, qomprehensive financial platform made to save you money and get you paid.

Pay & Get Paid — instantly

Signing up and paying with is as easy as entering your name, email, phone number and connecting a payment method. No application needed, just sign up and go.

Multiple Accounts, endless possibilities.

Open as many accounts as you need with a click of a button. Add additional accounts for business, or personal and let keep your payments and finances separate and organized.

Schedule Payments

Never forget to pay or get paid again. Schedule one-time or recurring payments in advance and will automatically push or pull a payment for you. Set it and collects it.

Single Login Management

Manage all of your personal and business accounts from a single login, gives you a full holistic overview of all of your accounts and transactions so nothing falls through the cracks.


Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or privately transacting, makes it easy with no frills and no awkward social features.
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From collecting recurring payments to keeping your books in line, helps you run your business your way.
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