Finally, a better way to do money

Organize unlimited personal & business accounts. Manage payments like a pro. Pay & get paid in dollars or Bitcoin—or both. All in one simple app.

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Get Organized AF with Unlimited Accounts

Create unlimited business & personal accounts

See everything with a single login

Add full & view-only admins

Download account ledgers for Quickbooks

You don’t spend (or make) all your money in one place, so why store it in one bucket?

banq is the first and only payment app that lets you create unique, dedicated spaces for all your business and personal needs — free. Pay from and get paid to the right place, every time.

It’s time to get organizing payments off your mind, and put your financial ledgers in order. Use the app that’s built to help you get your money right.

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Show Your Money What It Can Do

Send a payment link to anyone, anywhere

Get paid with a QR code

Set up scheduled or recurring payments

Show some love and add a tip!

banq is the next-generation payment app that gives you useful ways to pay. Schedule payments for the future. Set up recurring payments. Show a QR code. You’ll get paid and pay on time, every time.

Even authorize users to manage group accounts for your property rentals, fantasy sports league, college savings program, or anything else. Transparent and easy.

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Transact Safely and Privately

Pay with your account, not your identity

Create a unique and discrete PayName

Choose to not show your real name

You deserve a safe place to manage your money—without broadcasting your personal information at every step. On banq, you can appear however you want.

Transactions occur safely, efficiently and privately, in whatever currency or industry you want, without fear of accounts being displayed publicly, tweeted, Instagramed, blocked or frozen.