banq: the Perfect App for Real Estate Payments

Built with efficiency in mind, banq streamlines real estate and HOA payments, making it easier than ever to stay organized. Renters, landlords, and administrators all benefit from the set of tools designed to make life simpler.

banq app, minimize late rental payments

Automate to Minimize Late Payments

Automated payments means no more checks “lost” in the mail. Make everything streamlined and you can cut out the excuses.

Schedule a payment for the first of the month and get paid automatically, to the right account. Cashless, secure, contactless, paperless payments — including linked bank accounts and debit cards — give renters flexibility too. It’s a win-win!

export real estate payments

Simplified Accounting and Increased Transparency

With everything classified and in the right account, fewer hours are spent on accounting. Now, your employees can spend more time on other pressing matters and improve your bottom line.

  • Exportable Ledger: Each account in banq has its own ledger of income and expenses. Export CSVs into various accounting software programs for simplified bookkeeping
  • Authorized Users: Make bookkeepers or CPAs admins of specific accounts. No more sending over files or paper records, which means less billable accounting hours
Unlimited Accounts and Easy Organizing

Unlimited Accounts and Easy Organizing

Gone are the days where you can only have a limited number of accounts. With banq, you can have 1 or 50 accounts for every kind of expense or income you need to organize.

  • Create a separate account for each property
  • Have rent automatically be paid into the property’s dedicated account
  • Have expenses for that property be paid into that same account

Modern and Flexible Ways to Get Paid

It’s best practice (especially now) to receive rent payments without in-person contact. It’s preferred to get the money instantly. banq does both for you (and it does a lot more for you, too).

  • Get paid via a QR code, a unique payment link, a user’s handle, or payment history
  • The tenant can pay using ACH, wire, banq balance, credit or debit card
  • The tenant’s payments, or your payment request, can be set on an automated recurring schedule

Keep a Budget and Balance for Each Rental Property

Instead of getting payments from all your tenants into one account, keep rental income in accounts for each rental unit. Repairs and maintenance expenses also come out of that dedicated account. You can see how much each property is making.

Make Life Easier for Your Tenants, and Yourself

Happy tenants are good tenants. banq’s flexibility in making payments, as well as the ability to automate them, will make getting paid quicker and easier for everyone involved.

Run Your HOA’s Finances Efficiently

It takes effort to keep HOA payments and expenses together. With banq, you can assign authorized users who can help you manage the cash flow. You can also assign view-only users and give HOA members visibility into how the money is used. To top it off, you can have separate accounts for events or projects. You’ll be faster, more organized, and more trusted.