Your should be as diverse and personalized as you are. Success. lets you create and easily manage multiple personal accounts for every hat you wear. From creating accounts for your vacation fund, for kids college savings, for household expenses or anything else keeps your finances separate and organized. Thats

banqing made easy, the way you always wished it could be.

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We do not sell, trade or give personal user information out to anyone ? ever.

Total Control

Unlimited accounts with extensive payment and admin controls.


Every payment processed is backed with rigorous safety practices in mind.

Quick and Easy Payments

Get paid or send payments to businesses, friends and family directly to their account nickname, scan a banQR code or send a payment link via SMS or email. Need to send a wire or mail a check? No sweat, does that too.

Unlimited Accounts for All of Your Personalities

banq’s multiple account system helps you organize your personal finances the way you naturally organize your life. Create an account for every role you play or expenses that would be easier to manage and budget if kept separate. From travel savings, to retail therapy, kids allowances, date nights, or even your personal side business account ? the options are endless.

Privacy by Design

Shhhh! Your finances are your business. does not post your transactions to any social feeds, we do not permit anyone to import contacts, there is no search functionality, and we give you the power to use nicknames for each of your accounts. Oh, and we will never sell or reveal your personal information to anyone. Ever. Your financial life is private again.

Ledgers?Whew Accounting Is Now Simple

Each of your accounts has its own ledger to detail all transactions. This makes monthly and year-end accounting a snap as you can track everything for each aspect of your personal and business life. You can even download ledgers into Quickbooks. Gone are the days of forgetting transactions or having to type things twice.