banq: Because Getting Money Should Be As Easy as Spending It

Do you have to use five separate payment apps for clients? Do you forget what you got paid for because someone just put an emoji in the description?

Does your app let you get paid through ACH, debit, and wires? Can you send a payment link to someone, even if you don’t know their name?

banq turns your phone into a Swiss-Army-Knife-payment-processor, so you get paid fast and stay organized.

Because getting paid can be smooth

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Today’s Payment Apps Are One-Trick Ponies

Today’s payment apps are only that: a way to send, receive, and temporarily store money. And mobile banking apps by brick-and-mortar banks are clunky.

The payment apps weren’t designed with business in mind. Filled to the brim with social features, invasive data collection, and enough emojis to make Gen Z blush, they don’t embody functionality, professionalism, or privacy.

To top it off: without appropriate user protections and with users getting banned at will (or at random), today’s apps are not viable for business use.

banq: Mobile Payments That Are Smart

banq is the next-generation payment app, pairing lightning-fast transactions with an effortless interface to facilitate stress-free financial organization.

And unlike today’s popular apps for online payment, banq offers FDIC insurance. Whether you’ve won $20 on a dare, or $2,000 for your slick graphic design project, your funds are insured for up to $250,000.

banq also makes organizing your personal and business finances simple and approachable, by letting you funnel payments into any number of separate accounts. Create an account for your spending budget, another for your buffer, another for you kids’ college savings, then one for each client, one for putting aside money for taxes, and more for whatever else you want to keep separate.

When It’s Easy to Pay, It’s Easy to Get Paid

banq makes receiving and organizing payments easy. Whether your perpetually cashless roommate shattered your favorite mug, or your client invoices are still outstanding, you can collect quickly, conveniently, and privately.

And, you don’t have to sift through your drawer of receipts to pay taxes come April.

banq payment app setup for recurring payments

Recurring Payments

Automate away the time-consuming task of remembering to beg the same person for the same sum at the same time each month. Now you’ll have more room in your brain for useless facts for trivia night.


Get Paid to the Right Place Every Time

Get Paid to the Right Place,
Every Time

Create an account for everything you need to organize—like expenses, income, taxes, projects, clients, savings, shopping, travel, product. You can get paid into the correct account, so your transactions are automatically categorized and your ledgers are correct.

Get paid app screen

Send Payment Requests Your Contacts Can’t Miss

Your contacts don’t need a banq account to receive a payment request. Send custom links via text, email, and other social platforms—or have them scan the QR code to your account. Signing up takes only a few taps, after which they can make instant payments.

banq payment app setup for recurring payments


Who decided that payment apps need a newsfeed? Whoever they are, they don’t work here. banq won’t let the world know who paid you and for what, or sell your data to make an extra buck. You don’t even have to share your real name on the app, and we’ll never display any of your personal info.


Mobile banqing for Brunch & Business

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur, a seasoned business professional, or need help with your personal finances, banq makes organizing and receiving payments a breeze.

For Retailers: Mobile Payments Without Transaction Fees

Most business payment apps take a fee for every transaction, for every industry. Not banq. Most our business users enjoy free transactions regardless of the payment method or amount. There might be a small fee depending on industry, but you have the option to pass this onto your customers.

Automatically Save Financial Records for Collections and Taxes

banq won’t let you get shorted just because you weren’t born with a photographic memory. Your balance, ledger, and payment requests are viewable at a glance, keeping you on top of who still owes you. And you can download a record of expenses for your CPA.

Client-Pleasing Payment Options for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Debit cards, wire transfers, ACH, or right through the app—as long as your clients’ life savings aren’t stuffed between their mattress and box spring, they can pay with whatever method is most convenient.

Quickly Onboard Tenants for Painless Payments

Tenants can create an account with ease, making it easier for them to pay you in full and on time. You can even have a separate account for each rental unit, automatically keeping all income and expenses for the unit in one place.