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Built for speed, automation, and privacy, banq is the payment app that keeps you organized from the very first transaction. We’ve got your back, whether you run a business or just need a way to quickly and efficiently pay your friends back.

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Sending Money Can Work Better

Banking and financial services lag behind the times.

If you want your payments to get lost, mailing a paper check every month is a great solution—but if you have a busy schedule or want peace of mind, this doesn’t work.

It’s time for a change for the better. Much better.

Most Payment Apps Are Too Basic

If banks aren’t up to speed, you’d think payment apps would be, but they strike out too. Keeping track of who you paid and why is a struggle when the app you use finds it more important to tell you what your acquaintances had for lunch.

So we built banq to fill the gap.

banq makes paying people easy, with multiple ways to look up your payee, and multiple sources to pull funds from. And we let you automate and schedule your payments to whoever, like it’s 2021.

banq lets you create multiple accounts, so you have a separate one for each expense or budget, and you stay organized by default. Getting an overview of your expenses is just as easy as making a payment.

To top it all off, we chose to let you stay as private as you like. You never have to reveal your real name or any personal information on the app (if you don’t want to). And we’re not interested in selling, renting, or trading your data.

banq is different—it’s better. Much better.

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Payments Organized by Default

Think of banq as a digital filing cabinet—define your transaction via automated rules and file it away. Whenever you pay, it’s automatically out of the right account.

You can create an unlimited number of accounts, then pay out of the account dedicated to that particular flow of cash: maintenance costs for a rental unit, team costs for a client project, a co-parenting budget, and anything else you can come up with.

No headaches when it’s time to do your bookkeeping or end-of-year taxes. No more struggle when you need to quickly see how much you’ve spent on a project or property, or how much you’ve contributed to a budget.

Flexible Limits in payment app

Flexible Limits

Move a lot of money? Many payment apps limit how much you can send daily, weekly, or monthly. banq is flexible on our limits and our customer service team will have a solution for you.

Multiple Ways to Find Your Recipient

Multiple Ways to Find Your Recipient

We want to enable you to easily pay people, while still maintaining everyone’s privacy. You can find your payee via:

  • QR code
  • PayName they give you or you look up (if they allow their account to be found in search)
  • Payment link they send you
  • Your recent payees
Modern Payment Method Options

Modern Payment Method Options

banq makes it easier for you to send cash when you need to. We let you pay from:

  • Your banq balance
  • A linked checking account or debit card
  • (Coming soon) Cryptocurrency balance
  • (Coming soon) banq-issued debit card

Scheduled Payments

Have a specific amount you send out each month to the same person, like rent or mortgage? Set it to “recurring,” and forget about it. We’ll handle the rest.

Have a specific date that a one-time payment needs to happen? Schedule it. banq lets you do that, too.

banq payment app setup for recurring payments

Privacy by Choice

We let you choose how private you want to be. You can take it as far as paying anonymously: accounts in banq give you the option to create a PayName and display name to your alter ego’s liking.

We also choose to never monetize your data by selling, trading, or renting it to third parties, and we choose to avoid making your payments annoyingly public. No more social feeds you’re forced to be a part of just to make payments in an app. Your business should be just that—your business.

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Fast & Smooth Flow

banq is built by a team of product and fintech professionals who have been in business for years. At every step, the app puts emphasis on saving you time by staying clean on every screen and thinking ahead to remove friction. It’s like having a team of experts solving your problems before you even know of them.