We hear you: Businesses need a better way to manage their finances. From a single login, gives you unlimited accounts with detailed ledgers, full payment rails, and recurring collections. Seamless organization for revenue and expenses makes for easy banqing.

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User Data Privacy

We do not sell, trade or give personal user information out to anyone ever.

Total Control

Unlimited accounts with extensive payment and admin controls.


Every payment processed is backed with rigorous safety practices in mind.
Instant ACcount Setup
Instant ACcount Setup
Better Business Payment

Instant business account setup

Sign up for a business account and start taking payments in a matter of minutes. No more waiting in line at traditional branches.

Instant ACcount Setup

Better Business Payments makes paying for goods or services easy. Simply share your accounts unique nickname or QR code, or send a payment link via text or email, and boom you just got paid.

Better Business Payment

Unlimited Accounts

Add unlimited additional accounts with the click of a button. Each additional account you create operates as its own unique full banking and payment control center. Put together, these accounts make up the entire financial ecosystem of your company. Add accounts, for separate store locations, cash registers, apartment units or anything else you want a separate ledger to keep you organized.. You can even add tags to your transactions for an organizational boost. Treat tags the same way you would treat your GL Accounts and end of month accounting reporting just got a whole lot easier.

Schedule Recurring Payments

banq’s multiple account system helps you organize your personal finances the way you naturally organize your life. Create an account for every role you play or expenses that would be easier to manage and budget if kept separate. From travel savings, to retail therapy, kids allowances, date nights, or even your personal side business account the options are endless.

API for Powerful Customization

Want to integrate directly into our accounting and payment rails? Our RESTful JSON API opens a world of customizable possibilities for Point-of-Sale systems, affiliate-payment networks, scheduled rental or HOA collections, and other banqing features.