Organize your business payments with banq

Most payment apps do little to make money management and organization easier. Out of this issue, the banq app was born.

banq is tailor-made to help independent contractors, solopreneurs, landlords, self-starters of all makes organize and automate their financials.

Get your business payments in order.

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Make & Hold Onto More Money

Are you still waiting for someone to pay you? Is it a hassle to keep up with making payments to your vendors? How much do you spend on supplies? Which side gig makes you the most? Which one costs you the most?

Not easy to answer from the top of your head—until you get banq.

From the granular to the birds-eye view, the structure banq gives you out of the box helps you stay on top of your financial health.

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Organize Your Payments Automatically

When you’re working with one big ledger, it’s impossible to see what’s happening. Mistakes happen, things get lost, time gets wasted, stress overwhelms you.

banq lets you organize your money into individual accounts—as many as you want.

banq is better. It lets you organize your money into individual accounts—as many as you want. Each rental property, side gig, client project, savings goal, or whatever else you may need, can have its own, dedicated account. Your money will always go into, and come out of, the dedicated account. Without the daily manual effort.

You can pay and get paid automatically with the help of scheduled and recurring payments. Get ready to love business life again

Modern Ways to Pay or Get Paid

Transact quickly and easily via direct requests, custom links, or QR codes. Pay users via their discrete PayNames. It’s the 21st century, after all.

Get Paid to the Right Place Every Time

Unlimited Accounts, Endless Utility

Budget, view ledgers, create savings goals, and earmark funds. Use a separate account for each rental unit, business, gig, client project, financial goal, crypto investing, or whatever else you’re working on. Make it easy for yourself to stay organized.

Recurring & Scheduled Payments

Automate the payments you accept or make by scheduling them for a future date, or by setting them as recurring. Set your payments or collections to daily, weekly, or monthly. Get paid or pay automatically, on time, every time. Your business will be on your phone and off your mind.


Easy Data Exports

Instantly download transaction data for your accounting software, including Quickbooks. Organizing your business finances can be both easy and systematic.

Privacy by Choice

We choose to enable your privacy. You choose the account customization that works for you. No in-app oversharing via social feed about your money. No selling or renting your data to third parties. You can even choose to not disclose your real name and personal information to people you pay (or who pay you).