Tipping on banq: Bringing the Medieval Tradition to the Modern Age

Tipping remains a lifeline for workers and entrepreneurs alike. Today, tips make up about 58 percent of the average waitstaff’s hourly earnings. Owners and entrepreneurs benefit from keeping and service costs affordable for cash-strapped patrons.

That’s why we’re introducing tipping to our payment and financial organization app, banq. Read on to learn how it works.

How Tipping Works on banq

banq is a next-gen payment app designed to help you pay, get paid, and organize your financial life. It’s for everyone, whether you’re a business owner, solopreneur, or anyone looking to bring order to their budgets. banq allows users to categorize, group, and automate transactions, and make instant, private digital payments.

Now we’re bringing banq to tip-dependent business owners and solopreneurs, exclusive to banq’s business accounts.

Make Tipping Easy

Users simply pay as they would ordinarily, and encounter a suggested tip window just before completing a payment on the confirmation page. Users can view the net total (minus tip) and the total with tip included before sending.

Business account holders can opt to include a customizable message on this tipping page. Write a delightful dad joke and charm the credit cards out from their wallets. Or let your customers know how tips are processed—it’s all up to you.

Customizable Tipping Percentages

Users who are paying a tip-enabled account will see popup before they confirm and pay. They can choose one of four options: 15%, 20%, and 25%, or enter a custom amount. As the account owner, you can even modify these default percentages in settings to whatever you wish.

Smart Tips

We automatically change our suggested tips for smaller transactions. Customers making sub-$10 purchases can round their tip to $1, $2, or $3. After all, paying a $0.79 tip on a $5 purchase is a little silly.

Automatically Deposit Tips into a Separate Account

banq ensures your employee’s tips go to the right place. Business owners can create custom accounts for tip deposits—you could even name the account “Tip Jar”!

Tips will create one ledger entry for the transaction and another for the tip. Since banq keeps records of every transaction—including tips—it’s a huge help come April 14 (when the tax fairies make their annual pilgrimage).

Now, Make It Delightful

But what if your business doesn’t accept tips, but rather donations or tithes? The tipping screen is customizable, so you can make the heading and message say whatever you want. Now, you can help your customers donate to worthy causes—all while enjoying rapid digital payments in a platform designed for business.

Who This Helps

We designed banq and our brand-new tipping feature with a diverse range of users in mind.

Independent Hairdressers and Barbers

For the independent hairdressers renting spaces at salons all over the country—enabling contactless, paperless tips in the COVID-19 era, and easing the burden of record-keeping for quarterly taxes, especially if you work with multiple payment apps.


Restaurant owners can ease the tension around tipping by providing a demonstrably fair and automated means of collecting and distributing tips. Unlike other mobile payment apps, banq is FDIC-insured, meaning deposits are insured for up to $250,000.

Gig Economy and Service Workers

Much like the five-second rule and double-dipping, the rules of tipping are largely unwritten.

Who gets a tip?

On-demand furniture movers? Tattoo artists? TaskRabbit workers?

Take away the guessing game by adding tips to your service transactions. Let your personalized message do the talking. After all, asking for tips is another of those unwritten rules.

Join Us

It’s about much more than new features. banq offers something truly unique: the protections of brick-and-mortar banks, the instant transactions of today’s most popular payment apps, an Evernote-like organizational backbone. Download today and get your financial house in order.