Privacy by Choice — We Choose to Avoid Oversharing

Your business finances are for your eyes only.

We built banq on the foundation that your business should be just that—your business. You can operate here with the confidence that your financial information is not shared with other people or institutions. This belief is in banq’s DNA, and you can see it in every aspect of how the app works.

First, you can entirely choose how you appear on banq. We never automatically display any personal info. You pay with your account, not your identity. 

Second, we will never sell or trade your personal data. 

In addition: there are no social feeds, no public display of your transactions to everyone who has your number in their contact book, and no contact importing.


Our Cutting-Edge Privacy Features


You should have total control over your information when paying or getting paid. Here’s how you can do that at banq. 

PayNames: We make it easy to pay right through the app without sharing your name or other info— just share your PayName (which is like a handle for your account) with customers for quick, easy payments.

Display Names: A common practice with payment apps today is displaying your full name without asking your permission to do so. With banq, you choose your Display Name (which can be anything you want), so you have total control over the information that others see about you.

Show in Search (or not): When you create an account, you choose if you want it to show up in search or not. Even if you don’t want to appear in search, people can still pay you—they just won’t be able to see your account names or avatar.

Appear however you want—we’ve got you covered.

No Snooping

Ever wondered how your financial institution knows with whom you communicate? It involves more than intuition. 

Apps today often import your phone’s contact list or make recommendations of people you should connect with, just because they interacted with someone you went to high school with. That’s kind of overstepping a boundary.

We know if you want to connect with someone through our app, you’ll tell us—not the other way around. 

Separate Identities for Separate Contexts

With single-bucket payment apps, you are your account and your account is you. You are your account and that’s that.

With banq, you are the owner and ruler of your personal and business Spaces, and all of the accounts within those Spaces.

Each account has its own profile and essentially is its own unique and stand-alone payment app. Instead of a real name, you choose to show:

  1. Photo (or logo, or image, so get creative);
  2. PayName (much like a handle);
  3. Display name—personal or business—to help others recognize the account, whether or not they know your real name;

You can appear as whoever you want. As a banq user, you’ll find it useful when you want to:

  • Appear as different or anonymous identities depending on who you’re transacting with
  • Display different names depending on the role you play in the transaction
  • Keep personal and business affairs truly separate
  • Do business that should be nobody else’s business
  • Step up your alter ego game

Not a Sell Out

Nobody likes a sell-out. Good thing we’re not. Our Privacy Promise extends this simple promise to you: We do not sell, trade, publicly display, or make your personal and financial information discoverable*.

We do not sell, trade, or display your data

We’re honored that you trust us for better payments and banqing, and we strive to provide the best, safest experience for our users. You can rest assured your business is just that — your business. You’re free to banq as you please, and enjoy peace of mind.

For fraud prevention and user security, banq, as a financial technology application, needs to collect legal names and personally-identifiable information. This allows us to protect the safety of your accounts, and to FDIC-insure your money.